Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) is a mattress cover that has been embeded with Bio Velocity technology to help us to improve our quality of sleep. You can easily regain your balance and health with the healing power of BV Sleep Mate. This mattress cover is specially tailored to your individual needs. The BV Sleep Mate helps to correct disharmonic vibration frequencies, counter and negate this pathology wave whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in our body. By influencing the energy flow, we remind the body of its natural state of health. A harmonious flow of life energy throughout the body is expressed physically in balanced cellular and biochemical activity and increases the overall activity of body and mind. When you wake up, you feel invigorated and energetic. For long term usage, it is beneficial to our body in terms of maintaining our health, enhancing our immunity and the quality of life.

Clinical trials have shown that there is a significant increase in the energy level of the subject after Using the BV Sleep Mate. 

1. Enhances metabolism
2. Activates the cells function
3. Promotes blood circulation
4. Enhances body resistance and improves immune system
5. Increases the energy level
6. Stabilizes emotional, relieves stress and pressure
7. Reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
8. Increases vitality
9. Enhances natural healing ability
10. Balances and harmonizes the physical functions
11. Relieves fatigue and pain
12. Stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
13. Promotes heart function
14. Promotes a healthy and quality sleep

Headache, menstrual pain, pain relief, stomach pain, eliminates muscle ache, eliminates gastric pain, lowers back pain, helps in stiff neck, relieves numbness.

Wash the BV Sleep Mate once a year. Hand wash gently with organic laundry detergent and dry under the sun. When BV Sleep Mate is stained, partial cleaning is recommended for only the affected part.

Usage Direction
Uncover and place the BV Sleep Mate on top of the mattress. Attach the four elastic straps respectively at each corner of the mattress.

Certificate For Radiation Screening

BVSM is made using the combination of expertise from 3 countries:-
The anti-bacterial material is imported from Germany
The bio velocity technology is derived from Korea
And everything is being assembled (sewn) in Malaysia



Queen size


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